Scams of the Heart

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Scams of the heart are the types of scams at which the fraudster will be apt to exploiting an individual’s emotions and feelings in order to cash out or make money. And this affects mostly those who are using online dating scam sites (dating scams).

The common scams under this category are:

Now, let’s have a look at how to avoid scams of the heart.

Grandparent scam


This scam of heart applies similarly to the identity theft on grandparents where the con artist calls and act to be relative’s representative and that there is a problem that needs their financial aid.

How to avoid scam of heart.

Sweetheart swindles


Be cautious of friends you meet on online dating, they may look and sound like good people, but they might also get you into a sweetheart swindle scam which might cost you lots of dollars. So, scam protection is a must.

Don’t cash out the check they send you.

Pet Adoption Scams


The Pet adoption scams are mostly designed by fraudsters to target future pet consumer. They advertise pet sales using stickers and or online websites that may seem to be legit. When a consumer contacts them and makes the first payment for the pet, they then come up with extra fees (insurance or shipping containers fee). After one payment is made, they keep coming up with extra fees to be made until the consumers stop, then they vanish. So, learn to avoid such theft and fraud.