Phony Prizes and Sales

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It all starts with a notification that “you are the winner of …” and what follows is con artist tricks that will lead to you losing your own money.

The common scams found on Phony prizes and sales category include:

So, how do we protect ourselves from these Phony prizes and sales scams?

Fake Merchandise


Beware of fraudulent online shopping. Online shopping may be the right way of shopping since you shop from the comfort of your home, but these days some shops are there only to scam you and make money.

Therefore, you should know the latest frauds and follow these tips to be safe.

Avoiding Sales Calls


For those who get frequent calls from sellers who offer deals that are too good to be true, you can now prevent them by:

When signing or filling any form, check, and see if there is an option to prevent frequent calls and call scams as well.

Travel frauds


The deal of taking a vacation to a foreign country or a warm weather island can be a dream come true, but also it can be a devastating trap designed by online scammers. Here are some of the tips on how to know travel frauds and do scam protection.

Prizes and Sweepstakes Scams


Beware of big prizes and sweepstakes wins before you dive into claiming them. Whatever they claim that you have won, first, be skeptical about sweepstakes frauds. Take these tips under consideration to be able to avoid theft and fraud trap.

Lottery Scams.


If you are promised that it is your lucky day and you can win millions in the lottery by a foreign company or suspicious caller, then the higher chance is that it is a possible lottery scam.

These are how you can know and avoid lottery scams.