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Charlotte P.

Florida Total saved: $10,000

Work-at-home scam

In January 2011, Charlotte thought she’d found the perfect work-at-home job. She’d been hired to manage an online store set up by a company going by the name of “USA Supreme Technology”. The company’s pitch was so convincing, they even sent her a laptop to help with the business. When Charlotte was asked to provide her credit card number, she did so. Her credit card was quickly charged $10,000.

Charlotte called scamvictimfighter.com, and counselors coached her on how to dispute the charges with her credit card company, which she was able to do successfully. Later, the scammers attempted to depit $7,000 from her bank account, but were blocked from doing so.

I don’t know how to thank you, but if you were here I would give you a hug for saving me from getting ripped off. Thank you so much

William I

New York Total saved: $3,000

Sweepstakes scam

William filed a complaint with scamvictimfighter.com in March 2010 regarding a lottery scam he had fallen victim to. William was contacted by someone by the name of “Odel Flemming” from “U.S. Sweepstakes.” “Odel” claimed William was the winner of a $450,000 sweepstakes. By the time he contacted scamvictimfighter.com, William had already wired $1,500 to the scam artist for delivery of the lottery winnings.

Fortunately, NCL staff was able to counsel William, let him know how the scam worked, and convince him not to send more money. Thanks to this advice, William was prevented from wiring the additional $3,000 that the scam artists had requested to cover additional “fees”.

Stacey F.

Oregon Total saved: $2,000

Fake check scam

Stacey contacted scamvictimfighter.com in November 2010 after she’d almost lost $2,000 to a fake check scam. Stacey – mother of three children, with a mortgage and daycare expenses to cover – was looking to make additional money for holiday gift-buying and though the mystery shopping job offer she’d received was legitimate.

After learning from NCL’s Fraud Center about how fraudsters are luring consumers into fake check scams using phony work-at-home opportunities, she tore up her fake check instead of depositing it. Stacey, and office manager who works with finances every day at work, let us know how valuable our consumer education had been to her.

You have made me realize that knowledge is power and you have taught my husband, my staff and friends and myself a true life lesson, that will be spoken of for a very long time… Not only did you spare me from being scammed and putting myself at risk for losing this money, you have saved dozens from being scammed as well. I plan on sharing this information with everyone I know.


Oregon Total saved: $12,500

Inheritance Scam

LEO nearly gave away his life saving due to an inheritance scam. Leo received a letter which claimed to be from a lawyer in Portugal. The letter seemed professional with a fancy letterhead and used legal jargon to explain a very interesting proposal. The letter offered Leo a share in a large inheritance which was left behind by the lawyer’s late client unknown to leo and not exposed to the internet scam, Leo correspondent with the lawyer which he had to let him know that client apparently had no immediate family in Portugal and couldn’t find a legitimate relative of the deceased in Europe. The lawyer devised a scheme in which he would claim that Leo is a distant relative and entitled to the fortune since he shared a unique surname with his late client. Leo agreed and asked what’s the next procedure, at this point they knew his attention was gotten, after all communication it ended that leo has to pay the sum of $12,500 USD for legal fees and to prepare other documents. leo agreed to pay but was fortunate enough to inform his friend who has had his own share of getting scammed. the friend told him its a scam but leo didn’t believed and he contacted us informing us of the incidents, we took up the situation from there and got to know that this are scammers in Turkey with proofs to leo. luck found his way to leo before getting scammed.

I never knew there are wonderful people and service like this, i’m forever grateful for what you guys did for me from getting scammed. I was shocked and amazed knowing the truth. I will surely let people know about you all. thanks alot.