Money Making Scams

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There are a lot of money-making scams online. It can be ‘get paid for car advertising stickers’, ‘opportunity to make money quick promo’ among many others. But first, be cautious because the promo that seems to be a dream comes true through opportunity. It can be a scam trick intended to victimize you. So, watch out as scam protection is necessary.

The common scams in this category are:

Let us have a look at how to solve money making scams. Or you can call it a money-making scams solutions.

Bogus Car Advertising.


“Get paid for car advertising” – this is how the scam starts. With the promising stickers online or in your town leading with the phrase above.

So, go through the entire article to know how can you find legitimate car wrap advertising or other deals regarding cars to prevent scams to make money.

Fake Check Scams


Beware because people do get scammed through fake check scams. When they are sent payments via check and are expected to wire some money back. So, they start with “pay you to work at home. they are pay the first installment for the job and check you are set to receive.

How to avoid fake check scams:



Make money from the comfort of your home” so they say. This is a common scam trick that they use to those people who spend time on the internet looking for online jobs to make money.

How to avoid work from home scams.

Pyramid Schemes


You might have been through this scam or just seen or heard about it, they ask you to pay to take part in the program and recruiting others to join, and you get paid.

How to avoid Pyramid schemes.

Investment Scam


Whether you have more or little money, it could get blown away if you are caught up in an investment scam.

So, how do you do scam protection?

Right places to check about that investment are:

the North American Securities Administrators Association , 202-737-0900; the National Futures Association (investments commodities), 800-621-3570 (in Illinois, call 312-781-1467) and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission , 800- 732-0330.