Identity Theft

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Identity theft also known as id theft, is a deliberate use of someone’s personal identity information. Usually for financial gain or harm the person whose identity has been assumed.

Types of identity theft

Identity stealing can be categorized into two: a true-name and account takeover. Account takeover identity stealing means the impostor aims in utilizing the existing counts. Like banks, social media and other vital accounts. True-name identity stealing means that the impostor aims in using personal information. Like social security number to open new accounts (new credit card account, etc.). This helps you in understanding the types of identity stealing examples.

Therefore, in this article, the best identity stealing protection company will enlighten you about the common identity stealing and identity stealing protection that you can use to avoid being exploited. The common identity scams include:

Let’s now have a look at I’D theft prevention, protection and avoidance.

Identity theft


This is a type of criminal I’D theft where one person unlawfully uses another person’s details. It is also known as ID fraud and ID theft. For more identity stealing information, you can check Data Breach HQ.

Medical ID Theft


Despite its less occurrence, medical ID theft has similar risk and consequences to other I’D thefts. Its consequences are more devastating as it affects the patient or consumer and also medical insurance providers. So, learn more about identity steal facts.

For identity stealing protection on medical ID theft check the tips below.

Tax ID Theft


Tax ID fraudsters search for individuals details so that they can use to steal other people’s tax refunds. These are a few signs that show you’re already tax ID victim:

Read more on I’D theft cases and how to reduce online tax id theft.

You can check step to take if you become a victim in the Federal Trade Commission and Internal Revenue Service.