Health Fraud

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Health fraud: Health care frauds comprise of medical fraud, drug fraud and health insurance fraud. When an individual or a company defrauds an individual (insurer) or health care program. Then that is referred to as health insurance fraud. Thus the manner at which the health care frauds are done differs and the fraudsters. They tend to look for new ways to avoid the law. Be careful while seeking health advice online for there are a lot of online health fraud platforms. They are waiting to scams to get money  especially to an older person.

Health fraud consists of two common scams, which are:

And so, let’s have a look at ways of avoiding these common health frauds.

Counterfeit Drugs


Searching for a suitable and cheap alternative prescription is a right move, but you always need to be careful with the source of your medication. Be wary of the quality and reliability of the drugs. you’re yet to consume since counterfeit drugs are on the rise nowadays and scam protection is important. So, learn how to protect yourself.

Food Fraud


Food fraud customarily happens in grocery stores where lack of food purity and deceptive labeling are the most report cases. When it comes to food fraud, there are not enough proofs that a consumer can protect himself or herself against food scams, but there are simple and common sense techniques that one can use for scam protection against this type of health fraud.

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