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About Us

Fraud victims worldwide have been emotional drained which have made most of them loose their assets, homes, investments and even their lives due to unable to pay up for loans and mortgage. stopping fraud is one of the most important ways to improve consumers lives and the general public at large.

scamvictimfighter.com is a project of a non profit organization which have roots worldwide and our aim is to hunt down fraudsters and scammers irrespective of their location in any part of the world, arrest them with the help of security agencies and recover the stolen money which belongs to their victims and bring them to the law to pay for their crimes.

scamvictimfighter.com is a team of professional programmers, hackers, IP trackers, and ICT technologies, We have the best of tools and softwares at our disposal to handle incoming complaint effectively to the best way we can, Our team are always updated with technologies and we have got premium and private tools specially programmed by us to carry out duties effectively. We have been into this for over 15 years and so far we have recorded success rate of 85% and recovered victims money from fraudsters within a short period of time however clients should have in mind that we are non profit organization and charges are involved in attending to clients cases.